Products : Range of Zirconia Crown and Bridges

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Range of Zirconia Crown and Bridges:

PLATINA – 15 Years Warranty

  • Range of Ultra Translucent Zirconia which is provided asLayered and Monolithic variants.
  • Exclusively Layered with Ivoclar Emax Ceram.
  • Highly Recommended for anterior cases with high Esthetics demand.

PREMIUM - 10 Years Warranty

  • Premium range of highly translucent zirconia which is provided as layered and monolithic variants.
  • Highly recommended for cases with bruxism and limited occlusal clearance.

PRIMA - 5 Years Warranty

  • Fully biocompatible.
  • Homogenous and fine grain structure.
  • Veneered exclusively with ivoclar e-max ceram.
  • Excellent esthetics and wide range of applications.

PRIME - 3 Years Warranty

  • Economic and durable.
  • Fully ceramic zro2 framework.
  • Ultimate option to metal-ceramics for anteriors.