Products : Implant Supported Hybrid prothesis

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Hybrid prothesis

Sub Structure Bar :
  • Titanium Milled
  • CoCr Milled
  • CoCr MLS
  • CoCr Casted

Digital Hybrid Denture

Choice of Material :
  • Zirconia
  • PMMA

Digital Hybrid Denture incorporates pink Gingival base and Teeth in one piece ( Monolithic ) . This increases the Strength and eliminates possibility teeth pop out .

  • Ideal for cases with less inter - occlusal space.
  • Comparatively lighter than conventional Hybrid Denture.
  • No / Minimal Chairside adjustments.

Conventional Hybrid Denture

Sub Structure Bar :
  • Denture teeth are set in acrylic.
  • Unique design of the bar provides retention to each tooth.
  • As light weight as conventional denture.