Products : Full Arch Screw / Cement Retain Prosthesis

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Cement retained Implant supported prosthesis is fabricated on stock or custom-made titanium abutments. Abutment selection depends on inter-implant angulation or axis of implant.

  • Optimized Implant-Abutment fit
  • Less chances of screw loosening
SCRP (Screw- and cement- retained prosthesis)
  • A newly designed screw- and cement-retained prosthesis (SCRP) may solve these problems with its passivity, retrievability, and ease in the complete removal of excess cement, giving it the advantages of both screw-retained and cement-retained prostheses.
  • This prosthetic system is mainly composed of a cement-retained framework with screw holes on the occlusal surface and specially designed cementable abutments for multi-unit prosthesis.

Characteristics Include :

  • Easily retrievable as it can be removed without damaging restoration and advert removal forces on Implant.
  • Regular maintenance and hygiene is easy.
  • Predictable retention.
  • Clinical response may be improved when no cement is necessary.
  • Immediate loading when indicated.
  • Provides rigid Splinting when using multiple implants, enhancing implant stability.
Screw Retained Zirconia :

Provides Optimal Esthetics with natural appearance. Monolithic and Layered Zirconia Restoration is fabricated with Titanium Interface which ensures Precise and Native fit with the Implant base and Implant platform.

  • Fabricated over Ti Base or Milled Titanium Framework.

Screw Retained CoCr PFM :

Provides Optimal precision and Strength ensuring precise Fit. Can be fabricated with CoCr Cad Cam milling as well DMLS technology.