Products : Evoq Custom

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  • Natural form of designed custom abutments allows the crowns to look like natural teeth.
  • It helps to eliminate black triangles with.
  • Patient-specific margin and emergence profile.
Key Feature :
  • Available in Titanium or Zirconia w/ Ti Base.
  • Compatible with virtually all implant systems.
  • ALIGN Abutments are digitally manufactured through the use of CAD/CAM technology.
  • Abutments consider emergence profile, margin design, tissue depth, location and Axis of Implant.
  • Abutments are available in titanium, zirconia, gold plated-titanium,or anodized.
  • Restorations available in both cement retained or screw retained.


Essix appliance are clear, removable trays that fit over the upper or lower teeth. In situations where there are missing teeth, tooth-coloured filling material can be added inside the tray where teeth are missing.